Client Resources

Canada Revenue Agency - Login or create an account to view useful information such as your personal Annual Tax Returns, RRSP and TFSA Contribution Limits, Estimated CPP and OAS Benefits, and much more. 

CHECKF1RST - Website from the Alberta Securities Commission to help educate investors and help them to avoid fraud.

HUB Capital Inc. Client Access - Register or sign in to view your investment accounts.

General Education

Building Wealth Through Investing

Understanding Your Risk Management Options

2021 Financial Stress Index

Dealing with Difficult Markets

I Shouldn't Invest Now - List of global events each year that caused people to not to want to invest at that time.

Importance of Diversification - Return versus risk of different asset classes.

2020 Andex Chart

Resources to Better Understand Mutual Funds and Associated Fees

Fund Facts Sheet - How to read information on the Fund Facts sheet for the individual mutual fund that you are purchasing.  These Fund Facts sheets will be given to you prior to the purchase of any mutual fund, and lists the fees of the fund.

Mutual Fund Fees - Understand the fees and costs associated with mutual funds, and who pays those fees.

Understand MER - A video that demonstrates how the MER of a mutual fund works.

Segregated Funds vs Mutual Funds - Understand the difference between investing in segregated funds and mutual funds.