1.  Establish Relationship

  • Identify the financial issues and concepts that matter most to you.
  • Explain the services I will provide and the process we will follow, as well as how I am compensated for those services.


2.  Determine Goals and Expectations

  • Discover what your financial goals are.
  • Gather all information needed in order to analyze your current financial situation, inlcuding investments, insurance, risk tolerance, needs analysis etc.
  • Ensure the goals and information are still related back to what matters most to you.


3.  Analyze Current Financial Status

  • Using planning software and partner resources, I will analyze all of the information to determine your current financial position and identify areas of improvement or strengthening as it relates to your identified goals.


4.  Develop and Present Financial Plan

  • Establish and recommend a customized plan to you that will address your current financial goals.
  • Agree on an action plan moving forward.


5.  Implement the Plan

  • Execute the agreed upon action plan.
  • Agree on a review schedule and process.


6.  Monitor and Review the Plan

  • Provide regular reviews and revise the plan as personal and economic conditions change over time.
  • Ensure the plan is meeting your expectations and achieving the goals that matter most to you, as identified at the beginning.