Being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional, I strive to understand every aspect of my clients' financial picture. This allows me to not only create a proper financial plan for each client, but to also help to educate my clients on how each piece of that plan fits into their overall picture. This serves as the blueprint for the clients' wealth management.

Step 1 - Establish the Engagement

The client and I will determine how we are going to do business. This will include such items as service levels, compensation, and any conflicts of interest as well as expectations of both the client and DTR Financial.

Step 2 - Gather Client Data

Determine not only what the clients' goals are, but also gather all data that is relevant to the clients' wealth management.

Step 3 - Financial Analysis

Analyze the data and determine the clients' current financial situation, and how that relates to the goals they had identified.

Step 4 - Develop the Plan

Identify strategies that may be used to help achieve the clients' goals. These strategies are then explained and recommended to the client in a manner that they can weight out the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision.

Step 5 - Implement the Plan

Implement the approved recommendations within the timeframe agreed upon.

Step 6 - Review the Plan

The plan will be reviewed at least on an annual basis to ensure it still fits within the clients' financial sitatuion, and is still working towards the clients' goals for wealth management.